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LifeSport first started out as the Libertyville Racquet Club in 1968 when it was one of the Chicago area's first indoor tennis clubs. It featured four indoor courts and a clubhouse that drew hundreds of local professional and aspiring tennis players each year.

By 1973, the club which was owned by a former Chicago Bear running back, expanded to seven indoor courts and an enlarged clubhouse that included a bar area and viewing overhang for spectators.

During the years that followed, the club nearly went bankrupt as it quickly fell into disrepair. This didn't stop Steve Wild, the current owner of LifeSport, from seeing all the potential the facility had for individual players and the surrounding community. In 1986, Steve rescued the club and renamed it the Libertyville Tennis Club. He later brought his nationally recognized junior tennis programs to the facility and within a few short years, the club became profitable again.

In 1995, Steve turned the Libertyville Tennis Club into the Libertyville Tennis & Fitness Club by adding a state-of-the-art fitness facility to the original location. It later went on to become LifeSport which continues to be the region's premier tennis and fitness training facility for thousands of members each year.

The club currently boasts six indoor courts, four outdoor courts, a fully stocked pro shop and a fitness facility that draws thousands of members from across the region each year.

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